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Geographical and climatic environment.     Oasis houses are design to fit into almost any place which copes with these problems: dry and hot continental climate, significant differences between day and night temperatures., strong winds, limited water resources, great annual direct sunlight emission. This place could be found in Mediterranean region, North Africa, Arabian peninsula, Australia, South west part of USA and Mexico and other countries.

Energy supply  - electricity is supplied from external (main grid) and internal (photovoltaic panels) sources.

Water supply – drinking water is supplied from external pipe grid and collected from rain in courtyard. This collected water is filtered through “Living machine” and supplied to house as technical water. Grey water from house before coming back to pool is sent through filtration system. Where it mixes with rain water and prepares for new cycle.

Heating and cooling – mild temperatures in winter time and hot during summer, demands not much energy for hating but cooling is an issue. The measures which best fits in current situation is heat pump and solar collectors. They use little electric energy giving significant cooling effect and heating as well. For better performance it is incorporated into each house courtyard, where it takes chill from rain water pool.  

Recycling – organic waste grey or black water from house and pool is consumed in living machine then recycled to active ooze. In current prairie and steppe regions soil is very depleted and using natural highly nutrient ooze in ground embankments, grass roofs or for courtyard plants fertilization should be very profitable.

Energy saving – Experience of Sahara Bedouins and traditional principles of dessert peoples architecture have shown that use of passive nature resources (as digging underground to hide from heat or smart orientation and composition of living spaces) can be extremely effective. Perimeter of Oasis living block is surrounded with solid ground embankments. It gives effect of thermal ballast or heat insulation. More over trees and bushes  growing on it shades the area. Day light is transmitted to living space through light wells, which protects interior from direct sunlight but reflects it inside indirectly. They are used as ventilation wells as well. Courtyard pool performs role as microclimate machine – water and plants evaporate moisture rising dampness and cooling air around them. Prevailing winds can easily go through all the house site surface taking out vapor humidity and heat. Air cleaning function depends on courtyard and plants growing in light wells. Shading and ventilating is easiest measure to prevent overheating of living spaces. All rooms are hide from direct sunlight and have entrance to outdoor space.

Building material – whole construction of Oasis living block is considered to be constructed mainly from Ferro concrete. Simple, quick erecting, long lasting, solid structure, should meet residents requirements for many years.

We hope Oasis would  fulfill yours and our vision to design the beginning of new building generation bringing us new experience of  brave new life.